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Spheres of action

  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial companies
  • Administration buildings
  • Housing complexes and residences
  • Multifunctional facility
  • Commercial chains
  • Cultural, social and musical events

National Security Authority of the Czech Republic

Quality control system

Meeting customers´needs is always in the foreground of Management interests. The presumption of this liability is a systematically high level of technical proffesionalism ensuring a good quality of the services rendered:

  • The system of Quality Control is integrated in the system of Company Management accenting an environmental protection and is defined by the tools and measures of the Standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.
  • Infulfilment of a long term conception the management of a SWBC has adopted Quality Control as one of the basic liabilities and assures stable quality of service quaranteed to the customers according to the Standards mentioned above.
  • The management of the company will go on creating conditions for continuous improvements of the Quality Control System, which will have a positive impact on the upgrading of related processes and trading incomes.